The Lucky Pet on your list could be your own four-legged child, your sibling’s, your parents’, your best friend’s, or even your neighbor’s. Whatever your relation, you’ll want to give this Lucky Pet (or pet lover) a gift he or she will bark, jump and run for! Well, you’re in luck! Because whether you need ideas for pet Décor, Travel Items, Collars / Leashes / Harnesses, Accessories or Green Gifts (or maybe a little bit of them all!), we have set you up with the perfect pet gift guide. So since we have supplied you with gift ideas for the Lucky Pet in your life, all you need to do now is the actual buying!

Pet Décor

Pet Travel Items


  • Your traveling dog can get as wet and muddy as he or she likes because the Soggy Dog towel will dry him or her off in no time. Because it’s made exclusively for dogs, it molds perfectly to your lucky dog’s body. Available at
Pet Collars/Leashes/Harnesses

  • Molly Wear offers adorable collars and charms that tell exactly how your lucky dog fits into the family (I’m the Big/Little Sister or Brother” and “Only Child” and “Grand Dog” and “Adopted + Loved”).
Pet Accessories

The Green Pet

  • Purrfectplay has developed a line of fun, durable organic wool balls, which are hand formed from sustainably produced dye-free wool, and smell of sheep and meadow air, reminding your pets of the great outdoors.

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